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You probably know exercise is vital to good health, but did you realize that’s true during pregnancy as well? Violetta Lozovyy, MD, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, and the team at High Risk Pregnancy Doctors in Frisco, Texas, provides the fit belly program to make sure you get the right kind of regular exercise during your pregnancy. You can help maintain a healthy weight or even lose some pounds following the fit belly program, so call High Risk Pregnancy Doctors today to find out more or book a consultation using the online form.

Fit Belly Program Q & A

What is the fit belly program?

The fit belly program at High Risk Pregnancy Doctors is a medically supported way of staying fit and, if necessary, losing weight during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is truly a window to future health for both mother and child. Improving pregnancy outcomes doesn’t just ensure safe and healthy delivery – it also has significant, long-term benefits.

At High Risk Pregnancy Doctors, there is a specially designed cardiovascular spin studio, where you can attend exercise sessions during your pregnancy and after the delivery.

Exercising during pregnancy following an evidence-driven system like the fit belly program has tremendous "fetal programming" effects on the developing fetus, as well as many other benefits.

What are the benefits of the fit belly program?

There are multiple benefits to following the fit belly program. Crucially, it helps to prevent excess weight gain during pregnancy, as well as being vital to reducing your weight if you’re already overweight or obese.

Another benefit of the fit belly program is that it can lessen your feelings of tiredness and having no energy. Exercise can increase your overall well-being and reduce the discomforts typical in pregnancy.

Exercise also makes a significant difference to your health by lowering your blood pressure and helping you manage conditions like diabetes.

How does the fit belly program help with diabetes?

Evidence-based research indicates that pregnant women with diabetes (either gestational or pre-existing), achieve better overall fitness and lower blood sugar if they exercise regularly. This helps in achieving optimal diabetes control because regular, aerobic exercise typically lowers blood sugar levels.

Exercise also makes your body more sensitive to insulin (both what you make in your body and what’s injected), and this effect may last for up to 24 hours. Women with diabetes who aren’t currently taking insulin may be able to avoid it altogether.

If you do need insulin, you find the dose is typically lower if you’re getting regular exercise. Better control of your diabetes reduces the chance of you needing a cesarean section to deliver your baby.

As well as the advantages of exercise if you have diabetes, you can also benefit from meeting other pregnant women who might be dealing with similar issues to you, and share positive emotions with the group members.

Find out how the fit belly program could improve yours and your baby’s health by calling High Risk Pregnancy Doctors today or book an appointment online.