Preconception & Genetic Counseling


Preconception and Genetic counseling is a dedicated service available to you.  Some of the questions and statements below have been asked by women like your self and reflect their personal values and preferences that can be meaningful in making a decision about prenatal genetic testing and pregnancy outcome.


  I want to know if I have the underlying risk to have an affected pregnancy with a genetic condition or congenital anomaly.

  I want the most information available about my pregnancy.

  I would want to have a choice after speaking to a Genetic Counselor regarding a test and what it means. 

  I want comprehensive information about my pregnancy before I can share the news with my family and friends.

  I would want to consider what would I do, if my pregnancy is affected by a genetic condition or congenital anomaly.

  I am worrying about the possibility that my baby may have special health needs and how I can prepare.

  I do not wish to undergo any testing and find out about genetic condition, but I would want to speak to a Genetic Counselor prior. 

  I prefer to know if my baby has a genetic condition or congenital anomaly before its born.

  I want to know what is the different between Screening and Diagnostic testing options and when should I have one.

  I want to know if any cost is involved in my testing options. 

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